Nov 24

100 Haikus (21 – 30)


The best skimming stones

Cannot be kept for too long

They are just rocks then



My current record

From waking to out the door

Stands at four minutes



Here’s a cheery thought:

No one ever changes and

We all die alone



Too many lists of

Things to do… and nothing done

Add “do things” to list



There’s nowhere to run

And there’s nowhere to hide… but

There’s somewhere to park!



Too many boxes

Nothing to put inside them

Yep. End of story



Getting a haircut

Never know what to ask for

Just cut my hair please



Laughter is just a

Halting, interrupted scream

Humour is surprise



Nothing better than

Waking up when you want to

Not when you have to



My fear of cameras

Is not that they’ll steal my soul

But that they’ll show it

Nov 24

“Nativity Story” on Christmas Compilation CD

Nativity Story, an unreleased B-side from The Man Who Broke His Own Heart sessions, will be one of the tracks on this year’s Merry Kiss My Arse Christmas song compilation CD. My friend Ash puts this together every year for extremely limited distribution in Edinburgh and all over the world.




Of course in order to get your free copy of Nativity Story just join the mailing list in the right column.

Nov 07

100 Haikus (11 – 20)


The kid over there

Kicking the ball to himself

He’s an only child



When we are given

Too many ways to do it

It never gets done



All I want is an

Incredible Hulk Skateboard!

And World Peace… and cash



Futilely trying

To cut down on the coffee

Tea is methadone



All I do is sleep

All I do is want more sleep

Sleepy sleepy me



I am the person

Most and least reliable

All else is fiction



Drop me from a plane

Or shoot me from a cannon

Just aim me at you



The crazy dream man

Screams “Musician Heal Thyself!”

I’m always trying



One won one’s wonder

When one’s wandering won one

Once one won wonder…



I ate lots of cheese

Just before going to bed

Dreams are my TV


Oct 27

Not the New Album

My friend Ian used his brain and an image I drew on his iPhone to design a possible new album cover.

Ian is funny and clever but this will not be the new album title or cover. Or maybe it will.


Oct 24

You Make Me Feel – The Official Video Clip

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