For Immediate Release:
James Hazelden – New Single. New Album. New Show.

Since the release of his last solo album, James Hazelden has spent the last four years becoming an award-winning playwright, a podcaster with Man Bites God’s Theatre of the World and a married person. Now in 2017 he returns to music in a big way with the release of his third solo album, Crying is the Worst Medicine.

The album’s lead single Documentary is about someone who feels so heartbroken that they threaten to make a documentary about the person who rejected them. Hazelden snarls and spits his bitter lyrics over an upbeat, Crowded House-esque base of lush pop/rock. The song pokes fun at the pettiness we all feel in the wake of a breakup and the tiny revenge scenarios we create in our minds. And yes, that is a distorted electric cello playing the song’s solo.

“I overheard a guy in a bar discussing someone he clearly hated,” says Hazelden. “He ranted and raved to his friend about how terrible the person was, and ended by saying ‘someday someone will make a documentary about him, and then everyone will know the truth!’ I love the idea that threatening to make someone a documentary subject is a legitimate act of revenge in this age of social media and camera phones.”

Documentary is one of 10 new songs on Hazelden’s Crying is the Worst Medicine. The album is a fun, rich, electric pop/rock album with Hazelden’s trademark tongue-in-cheek lyrics, swathed in old-school keyboard soundscapes and cinematic ambience.

It will be launched in Melbourne at the Worker’s Club with a Sunday afternoon gig on 19th November, supported by Nicholas Roy and Man Bites God. Doors open at 1pm.

Documentary is available now on iTunes.

Crying is the Worst Medicine will be available on iTunes and CD from the 17th November.

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