Jul 10

Free Agent – The Poster

Here is a sneak peek at the new poster for the new Edinburgh Fringe Show designed by the wonderful Mark Woodward. Photo by Glynn Lavender.


For more details go HERE.


Jun 13

More Nice Reviews of The Man Who Broke His Own Heart

The Man Who Broke His Own Heart is the debut album from singer/songwriter James Hazelden.

Here are some things that people have written:


“Hazelden has admirably gone his own way once again, melding sharp, irreverent lyrics to catchy pop melodies and a good dose of pathos. Enjoy him before he gets a girlfriend and blows the whole deal.”

- Bob Franklin (writer, actor, comedian)


Buy the album HERE.

May 29

The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – The Artwork Part 3

Glynn Lavender has taken more photos of me than anyone else ever. And for this alone he deserves some kind of special award. I take a lousy photo – I can’t smile when I’m asked, I always look awkward and uncomfortable. I am hell to work with. And yet Glynn still continues to find new ways to get my ugly mug out there. I think he just enjoys the challenge.
Luckily Glynn’s photos are always interesting and effective compositions of background and lighting. He is allowing me to be a part of the photo, rather than taking a photo of me – this is a cool approach and has served us well.
The photo that adorns the inner-sleeve of The Man Who Broke His Own Heart CD is a perfect example of this. His beaten down, doorstep backdrop and lighting spill creates a lone troubador figure on a makeshift performance space – a man with a stage light on him and no stage. This compliments the painted figure on the CD’s front cover.
Almost every promotional photo taken of me will probably have been taken by Glynn. This website is littered with them. And I’ll keep working with him for as long as he’ll have me.
His website is www.creativephotoworkshops.com.au if you’d like to see more of this stuff.
Buy the album, The Man Who Broke His Own Heart HERE.

May 29

The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – The Artwork Part 2

The photo on the inside cover of The Man Who Broke His Own Heart CD was taken by Melbourne photographer Ross MacInnes.


Ross’ principle subject matter is landscapes and this photo of two bare trees against a stark white sky is arresting. It looks like an omen, a warning, a disconcerting place for a traveller to be.


My friend Mark Woodward, who designed and formatted all the CD artwork, adds to the photo’s impact by flanking it with the murky darkness of the front cover image. The eerie white leaps at you when you open the CD.


I am very grateful to Ross for allowing me to use his photo.


Ross MacInnes is about to release a coffee-table style pictorial book that captures images around the coastline of Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne, Victoria. The book will be published by Brolga Publishing and available through Pan McMillan Bookstores.


For more details, or to see more photos by Ross head here:



May 29

The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – The Artwork Part 1

The front cover of The Man Who Broke His Own Heart CD is a painting by my very good friend Ian Hirons. He painted it in High School for a Communications project. It hung on the wall of his family home for many years and I used to admire it whenever I was round.


The painting has a beautiful pathos about it – a cute, tragic little fat cartoon man – his loneliness spotlighted, his eyes downcast, his big bright nose making him the saddest of sad clowns. And the rest of the painting is so dark. No wonder he’s lonely – he’s in a void. And we’re shining a light on him for our own amusement. It is an amazing painting. All the more amazing considering Ian was only 17 when he painted it.


One day I was visiting Ian and noticed the painting wasn’t on the wall anymore. I found it stacked with a bunch of stuff in his garage. Ian had just lost interest in it. He was creating other things and wanted to move on. The garage was exposed to the elements and would have certainly damaged the painting so I asked if I could hang it on my wall until he wanted it back. He agreed and it’s been hanging in my bedroom ever since.


My friend Chris Tomkins photographed it for The Man Who Broke His Own Heart CD cover. I have looked at this painting many many times over the years and still love it. It’s solitary figure suits the title of the album and its subject matter. They are indistinguishable now.


I would like to thank Ian for his permission to use his painting. I hope he never wants it back.

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