Mar 24

Quarantine Diary Day Three


Saturday 21st of March 2020


Day three and I am no closer to knowing how to spell quaranteen. I can only pray that the virus has not disabled auto-correct on my computer.


I wrote this joke on social media: ‘If you think things are bad now, just wait a year when we’ll have to endure art, music and standup shows about the Corona Virus.’ Not a bad joke. It got 24 likes on Facebook, 14 racist comments on Twitter and 3 dickpics on Instagram. Pretty good.


I think the best way to cope with the isolation is to pretend that it was all your idea – so I’m paying my wife $400 a day for the “Full Isolation Package” at Casa de Hazelden. For people who don’t speak French, ‘Casa de Hazelden’ is German for┬áschadenfreude.