Apr 23

A Review of Mystery Radio Theatre


Ten shows. Three different plays. One sell-out season.

Mystery Radio Theatre was a huge hit with audiences. Even some critics sort-of liked it.

Here are some excerpts from a review:


“The script by James Hazelden and Nicholas Rasche is fun and mysterious, with an obvious predilection for fun, while the mystery itself is cliche and not totally resolved. The charm comes from the comedy: the unexpected one-liners, the 1940s era style paranoia and the fact private eye Jake Steele lives in and operates his business out of his parents’ home.   

The cast are a strong group of actors headed by the host of Mystery Mansion, played wonderfully by Frank Handrum who portrays a strangely comforting creep of a host. One part Vincent Price, one part Betty White. A man that you don’t mind being guided by, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to be left alone with.

Fleur Murphy as the twins (one guilty, one innocent), does a dynamite job switching between the two. Vaughn Rae as Jake Steel, private eye, has a good understanding of the convention of the ditzy detective one that would make Peter Sellars proud. The rest of the cast all perform well in their various roles, voices are all distinct and colourful.

Although this is a review for Murder Me Again My Darling, I am in no doubt of the quality of the other two plays. You’re in good hands with the cast and the comedy is solid.

With a hefty load of laughs along the way you’ll be grinning from ear to ear from start to finish.”


Noah Solman In Review


These are excerpts from the review. The complete review is here.