Oct 13

Dead Technology Memoirs: Interview with The Music.com.au


Can you  give us a tweet-length summary of your show? Dead Technology Memoirs is a black comedy about murder, obsession, illegal recordings, lies, time travel, pop music and number puzzles.


What do you find funny? I think jokes about sex and death are funny. And I think my new play is funny. I don’t think paradoxes are funny, but I think paradoxes are funny.


What do you find unfunny? Anything that needs a laugh track to tell you where you should laugh. And I don’t like pranks or the comedy of embarrassment. And Wil Anderson isn’t very funny.


What’s a ridiculous situation you’ve been in that you got a joke out of? My Uncle Henry called the computer support company because after three days of surfing the internet, it stopped working. It turned out he didn’t have a modem. That’s funny.


Do you have a pre-show ritual? I tend to be very energetic. I move around a lot. I find it hard to keep still. It is very annoying for the other people.


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