Apr 07

Comedian Q&A: James Hazelden, Denouement



What can people expect from your show at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival?

Denouement is a good old-fashioned comedy/mystery play — a sublimely silly and frenetically farcical whodunit.

A stately English home, an amateur detective, a missing will, a bloody knife.

Everyone is a suspect.

Anyone could be the next victim.

Nothing is what it seems.

A traditional thriller that descends into a surreal and subversive celebration of the genre complete with surprise twists, suspicious characters and sparkling black comedy.

What have you been up to since the last time you were here?

Denouement comes to you from the writers of the Mystery Radio Theatre live radio plays, and features cast members from the Theatre of the Worldpodcasts and the TBC Theatre Company. Mystery Radio Theatre was called ‘One of the standout acts from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’ by Theatre People reviews.


Who should see your show, and why?

Anyone who is a fan of Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Miss Marple, Midsomer MurdersCSI or any crime mysteries will enjoy this comedy that pokes fun at the classic whodunit and amateur detective thrillers

And while the show is fast and funny, there is a real mystery to solve behind all the black comedy and chaos.


What’s your No.1 tip for people coming to see a show at the comedy festival?

The festival isn’t just all stand-up shows.

There are also theatre shows (like ours!), improvised shows, sketch, character and music shows.

Try to see different types of comedy — that’s the best part of the festival.


Which other comedians/shows are you keen to see at this year’s festival, and why?

Sir Robert’s History of Horror is a very funny character show for fans of old-fashioned horror movies.

Judith Lucy, Damien Power and Kitty Flanagan are hilarious standups.

And there is a lovely version of The Importance of Being Earnest being staged at Chapel off Chapel.


What do you love about Melbourne?

The cast and crew of Denouement are all Melbourne natives and we love the artistic energy of this city.

There is always so much comedy, music and theatre to see at all times of the year, and Melbourne places a real value on its arts’ community.

It’s always very gratifying to be a part of this, and have the opportunity to write and perform in such a lively and electric place.


Who or what is your comedic inspiration, and why?

We’re big fans of classic British comedy such as The Goons, Monty Python, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, and Noel Coward.

We love the surreal elegance of their writing and performing, and their delightful timing and cleverness.

We also like homegrown comedians such as The Aunty Jack Show, The D-Generation, John Clarke & Brian Dawe, Shaun Micallef and Tony Martin.


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