Apr 24

Another Nice Review of Mystery Radio Theatre


Peter Green, from 3MBS, was kind enough to provide me with his personal notes on our show so we could pull these quotes:


“All the stock Blyton characters were there; jovial local Bobby with awful Irish accent; Captain somebody or other with a worse Cornish ones; “jolly hockey-sticks girl detective” on holiday with gaga Aunt – Anna Renzenbrink had the character down to a tee; complete with Roedean or Cheltenham College accent consistent for the duration.

The 50 minutes of simulated radio play was fun and the pastiche of a typical Blighton story was well done.

I so enjoyed Mystery Radio Theatre’s The Adventure of Smuggler’s Cove last Saturday that I returned to La Mama last night for the 2nd of their 3 radio plays in the flesh; a noir production entitled “Murder Me Again, My Darling”. Last week it was a very funny pastiche of those Enid Blighton girl detective on holiday solves the local mystery of the ghostly lights in Smugglers Cove etc etc.

Last night it was an homage to to those black and white noir movies about the hard-boiled cynical private detective and the femme fatale – usually blonde and always the suspect in scandalous murder of an A List playboy or public figure.

In Fleur Murphy we had our femme fatale in double; since she managed the role of Veronica – the nightclub chanteuse and evil twin (or is she?) and Verity the angelic (or is she?)

They announced last night that Saturday and Sunday were booked out, but it would be worth trying to get on a waiting list.”


Peter Green – 3MBS

These are excerpts from Peter’s complete notes.