Dec 22

Dénouement! – A New Play

James Hazelden’s new play (co-written with Nicholas Rasche) will be performed only seven times for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For more details and to buy tickets, go HERE.


Dec 22

Bob Franklin (with music by James Hazelden)

Bob Franklin presents “Sir Robert’s History of Horror” with music by James Hazelden. Performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Tickets and information HERE.


Mar 11

Cinematica Inversa

James is presenting and composing brand new soundtracks for classic silent movies, with his new band, Cinematica Inversa.

Free shows, featuring electric cello, guitar and drums every month at LOOP BAR.

For more information and invites to upcoming shows, join the Facebook Group HERE.



Mar 11

Crying is the Worst Medicine

James’ new solo album is called Crying is the Worst Medicine.

The album is a fun, rich, electric pop/rock album with James’ trademark tongue-in-cheek lyrics, swathed in old-school keyboard soundscapes and cinematic ambience.

Preview and download the album HERE



Oct 07

The first single from Crying is the Worst Medicine is available to buy on iTunes.

Go HERE to listen to it and buy it.


Documentary cover

Recorded by: James Hazelden
Written by: James Hazelden
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