Apr 19

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep


The first step in resolving a problem, is understanding the problem…


  1. Your eyelids fell off.
  2. Your bed is entirely made of live cockroaches and spiders.
  3. You are trying to list all of the reasons why you can’t sleep, for some reason.
  4. The guy in the apartment upstairs is trying to artificially inseminate a rhino with a jackhammer.
  5. You are placed in witness protection and they ask you to disguise yourself as a panda, but just around the eyes.
  6. You live next door to a train line. Not in a house or anything, just huddled pathetically next to the tracks.
  7. You played tetris for 18 hours straight and now when you dream, you only dream of coloured blocks and crying.
  8. Someone tattooed tiny pictures of werewolves on the inside of your eyelids
  9. Your pillow is too hot. And on fire a bit.
  10. You’ve just come out of a 30 year coma.


Mar 16

Diabolical – Some Special Comments


My tiny play Diabolical received some lovely feedback from the Festival Director of Short+Sweet Sydney. His comments were sent to me via email and did not appear in any published form.


“I wanted to pass on a note of thanks for your involvement in Short+Sweet this year. It was a very enjoyable play and certainly one of the more interesting and original ones we included this year.” - Pete Malicki – Festival Director, Short+Sweet Sydney



Feb 08

A Nice Review of “Diabolical”


Here is a nice review of the Melbourne production of Diabolical:


“James Hazelden’s terrific Diabolical raised the bar for the blacker-than-black comedy of the night – it provided two great showcases for the excellent actors and was one of the most self-contained pieces of writing of the evening.”Robert Chuter, Arts Hub


The full article is HERE



Feb 07

A Nice Article About “Diabolical”


They wrote a nice article about the talented director of the Sydney Production of “Diabolical”.

They say some lovely things, even though they don’t mention who wrote the play.

*SPOILERS* – it was me.


“Play is short, sweet and thought-provoking” – The Inner City Weekender (Sydney)



Dec 21

Captain Lonely & The Angst-Ridden Cowboys of Justice (1994)

Here is a comic drawn for my friend Gregory Mackay somewhere in the dim dark past of 1994.


It’s a bit shit. I was 18. But you can click on it to make it bigger.






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