May 29

Some Nice Reviews of The Man Who Broke His Own Heart

“The Man Who Broke His Own Heart” is the debut solo album from James Hazelden. Here are some reviews:

“James Hazelden can swing from hilarity to heartbreak, often in the one song – no easy feat. His debut solo album – the wonderfully named The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – had me thinking of classic Australian folk pop, such as Rob Clarkson. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

Jeff Jenkins (Inpress, RRR)


Fabulous Long Player… Just arrived yesterday and it’s been on the turntable since. At last the 21st Century does something right: James Hazelden”

Tim Quinn (Mighty Quinn Management UK)


“CD arrived. Joe and I played it in the van on the way to Reading. During the 3rd song a bird flew into us and died. He flung himself on the windscreen. It was a very surreal moment. Now I can’t play the CD without thinking of that dead bird. Avian suicide aside it’s a lovely CD.”

Nicko (Nicko and Joe’s Bad Film Club)


Buy the album, The Man Who Broke His Own Heart HERE.

May 15

The Man Who Broke His Own Heart – Track by Track

THE MAN WHO BROKE HIS OWN HEART – A new album by James Hazelden

The Man Who Broke His Own Heart is the debut solo album from James Hazelden. It is a funny, sad, eloquent and melancholy collection of upbeat acoustic folk/pop and alt-country ballads.

Time travelers, coffee-addicts, murder committing semanticists, romantic ghosts, and a heartbroken squids are just some of the strange characters that populate this fun, and at times touching, collection of songs.

The music of the album is mostly acoustic guitar, bass and drums driven, but consistently strays from this arrangement and there are gospel choirs, string quartets, a cappella songs and ukulele solos. For all the cleverness and depth of its arrangements, The Man Who Broke His Own Heart is a simple, elegant collection of tunes.

It is available on iTunes, or from or



New York

The first single released from the album. It’s an upbeat, catchy pop song about time difference between countries, and how when you speak to your lover from the other side of the world, they may as well be in an entirely difference dimension.


Time Machine

A fun, toe-tapping little tune about what might happen when a hopeless romantic gets his hands on a time machine. This love song comes complete with hints of accordion and an awesome melodica solo.


Let’s Be Misunderstood

A soulful, sparse, piano-based ballad about people who are happiest when they are miserable, and how they get together in groups to celebrate their isolation. Guest vocalists Anita George and Marisa Brown create moving and unexpected gospel choir responses to the lead vocal.


Rose Marie (Rickety Tickety Too)

A smoky, murder ballad about betrayal and semantic misunderstanding. The smooth brushed drums, simple bass, acoustic guitar and menacing vocals soon give way to a cacophonous and drunken singalong.


The New Adventures of Ghost Girl

A fast, fun little tune about the upside of dating a ghost. It’s mandolin infused, quick country playing make it sound like it’s being played by The Muppet Band.


Looks Like I Have Let You Down Again

A sad, funny country song about a man who learns that love cannot make everything all right – particularly after a serious car accident. Garrett Costigan (Tex Don & Charlie, Stephen Cummings) covers the song in a gorgeous layer of slide guitar that tears at your soul.



A free-wheeling torch-song about drinking and how much more attractive you are when you buy the round. The heartfelt acoustic guitar on this track weaves in and out of the lead vocal like a lover.


You Make Me Feel

A happy, old-timey love duet played on ukulele and sung by James and Marisa Brown. This is the sweet, simple joy of being with someone else put into song.


Double Negatives

A classical string quartet gives this song a tea and crumpets feel as James sings about not being able to be happy with someone and only being able to not be unhappy with them.



A jaunty, rollicking mess of a song, with it’s surreal, insane, stream of consciousness lyrics inspired by several coffees too many. Rob McComb (The Triffids) provides the strange and happy violin part.



The album closes with a mournful song of lost love sung by a squid. The vocals are sung a cappella with only the sound of the ocean providing a backing. This is the ultimate song of unobtainable love.


May 06

Freeloader – The Last Word

Here is a poem that a lovely young lady wrote for me on the back of one of my fliers, after seeing my show Freeloader, in Edinburgh. I think the last line was more to make it rhyme than as an accurate representation of the event.

James Hazelden
Sang in a cave
With his guitar
And was never paid
Came to the Fringe
Talked about man things
Killed koalas
Kept teeth
Punched a 7 year old
Offended God
And an alcoholic dog
With no shame
Trying to win his fame
He played his guitar
And became a star

May 06

Freeloader Receives Some Lovely Fan Reviews on


11/8/08 Reviewer: Rebecca, Scotland, United Kingdom:
I had a great time watching and listening to this guy. It’s impossible not to feel relaxed around him and he comically hits the nail right on the head with every line. Great songs, a good laugh, lovely guy. Let’s hope we see a lot more of him, you won’t regret it.

8/8/08 Reviewer: Jem, Wales:

Top Class Comedy for Free!

I would have been quite happy paying top venue prices to see this very talented and hugely likable comedian/musician. He proves that, contrary to what some might think, there are many excellent acts on at the PBH Free Fringe so do go along if you can!

14/8/08 Reviewer: Jock The Scott:

The Show 2008 Fringe – Freeloader was/is Quality funny and worth seeing more times that one could find time to. What with other friends Shows & helping with P.R. for several. while writing or procrastinating the Writing of My Own “One World Show” & A Fringe Show for 2009, plus scripts for Screen & Stage Dramatic.

Freeloader looked in Place With The TOP SHOWS. and no two shows were the same if similar, as this
talented comedian interacted with adroit skills with his International Audience of All ages. All spoke well of the experience and recommended to friends / family!

After the First stumble in to Freelader, my Lass was constantly talking to people All over Edinburgh – in Streets, cafes, & on Stage when she got a MIC. (I’d to take it from her) she was getin laughs, more than me ? not jealous No lol. Ad Lib too! and mentioning her friend the hilarious comedian James Hazelden.* cool.

For me he’s “an insperation!” and so I am performing several times a week all over UK. writing Less But more quickly when I do. Then performing Fresh Material. plus I do more Song & Dance – serious comedy. (some Stand Up) James is a superb comedian & a very talented conposser of Music.

I say.

May 06

Freeloader Receives A Nice Review from The List (UK)

“The Bob Dylan of comedy music”

Free comedy

Special mention has been reserved for Freeloader: James Hazelden (pictured) who, in the bowels of Nicol Edward’s, brought Antipodean magic to a wet and weary crowd. Allow the stand-up to wash over you and prepare for the songs: his ditties on his backward hometown and the alcoholic guide dog are genius.


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